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Here's what my clients are saying...

Empowerment with Marlene Gulledge


"Working with Marlene, is some of the most important spiritual work I've done. It has helped me to clear old cellular patterns for continued expansion into more of who I am."
~L. M.


"For many years I had a sense that something deep down inside just wasn't right. I didn't know what to do or how to change my life. I had problems in my career, with my family, in my marriage and with my friends. I found Marlene after praying to find someone who could help me. After working with her one time I felt much better and that my life problems would eventually resolve. I have continued to work with Marlene and as a result my whole world has changed in astounding ways. I have cleared up many childhood and past life issues that I didn't even realize were affecting and blocking my spiritual, physical and emotional growth. As a result, my life is going much better now and I am able to open up to, and bring in, my heart's desires. Marlene has many special gifts and makes one feel safe and loved unconditionally. I feel I can tell her anything and not be judged. Through her work, I have changed my life and I am finally healing on all levels."
~L. B.

"Miracles have transformed my life by working with Marlene! In the past five years, Marlene has unconditionally guided and supported me through huge challenges in my life with powerful clarity and insight. Her work has helped me to re4lease old patterns and belief that were preventing me from moving forward. As a result, my personal and business relationships are powerful and caring and I have new ways of expressing my creativity. The extraordinary experience of working with Marlene has truly transformed my life and the lives of those around me!"
~K. P. R.

"Marlene Gulledge has definitely been a Godsend in my life. Her work with me has been a blessing in all aspects in my life. The benefits of her work have helped me to change my life dramatically. She gave me the understanding to know my heart’s desires in loving relationships, self-improvement, and the overall well being for the peace of mind we have all been searching for. Marlene has helped me to see the old patterns and programs in my relationships with my family, past and present men in my life, and people in general.

I was in a 20-year relationship with a man that brought me nothing but pain, insecurity and fear. Everything in the relationship was negative and I was in an emotional block. Marlene helped me to release these old patterns and blocks that consisted of fears, rejection and abandonment issues, as well as disappointments in the masculine. In the two years since I've been working with Marlene, I have been able to walk away from a dead relationship and begin my life in a whole perspective. As a result, I have met a man that meets my desires, needs and wants. I can proudly say he is my vibrational match in reaching my goals of happiness and unconditional love. I know without a shadow of doubt that spirit brought this man into my life and is behind it 100%.

What I'm trying to say in so many words is that Marlene has gotten me to this point in my life in just in two years of working through my issues. I can see a whole new outlook on life and love. It takes the commitment and determination to accept all information she gives you (which I must say, she has been right on the money) to process and release all the negative energies that are no longer to your highest good. You get to the point at which you become a sponge and eagerly soak up all the information she gives you from session to session. She helps you move through them quickly and easily and leaves you with the positive feeling that everything is working towards your highest good.
My health and attitude has never been better since working with Marlene. I highly recommend her work to anyone who feels their life isn't obtaining its highest potential. Thank you Marlene for making my life seem real for the first time in my existence and I thank God for your being in my life."
~C. S.


"I have found Marlene's work to be invaluable in helping me move forward as a recording artist and in gaining clarity in a number of other areas. She was able to quickly identify what was blocking me and assist me in moving forward. Whenever I work with her, I literally feel the spiritual presence and unconditional love emanating from her and yet she is a very humble person. I see Marlene as one of God's "earth angels" and feel blessed to know her."
~K. R.

"All my life I have felt that I had a larger purpose, that there was something that I was supposed to be doing, a larger plan. Years of searching and self-examination led me via a friend to Marlene Gulledge.

Marlene and I met face to face only once, but we began fairly regular communications and work sessions over the telephone. Marlene was able to confirm my intuitions with concrete and life affirming spiritual instruction. Like everyone, I have had a life with many issues and struggles. Marlene was able tap into the roots of my core issues using her energy sensitive intuitive ability.

While I could intellectually understand life's lessons from a narrow, historical perspective, Marlene helped me to see the broader, more universal lessons at play. She also helped me learn how to open myself to life’s teachers, be grateful for the opportunity to grow, and prepare myself for the next stages of personal growth in my life. Fear of change, fear of pain, fear of joy, fear in all it's forms makes us freeze in our tracks and hold on to what we know and the very things that cause us pain. Sometimes we hold this fear in our bodies, which in turn may manifest itself as illness and sometimes we hold this fear in our hearts, which may manifest itself as anger or impenetrable walls. Often we hold these fears in our energy for centuries, across lifetimes, repeating the same hurtful lessons again and again! Marlene's loving work has helped me to learn how to let go of pain and fear, some ancient, some recent, all related. She has been a powerful spiritual ally, helping me to fight and win the necessary battles to uncover my own spiritual nature. Her insight has helped me to clear away the scars of longtime hurts, to step forward into the loving light of the universe with the ability to understand where I have come from and where I must go, toward the light, wherein I have always sensed my destiny."
~B. B.



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